Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information, Nick Mangwana says it is ridiculous that the main opposition party in Zimbabwe wants to run the country when urban councils under its control are failing dismally.

Giving example of the capital city, Harare which is under the Citizens Coalition for Change control, Mangwana says all is not well, but the party dreams of running the whole country.

“Harare City claims that more than 100 000 households are not on their books but are receiving treated water and other council services without paying even a single penny.

“And their political parties dare say they can run the country!Ridiculous,” he says.

Meanwhile, the ZANU-PF led central government is reportedly choking opposition run urban councils in order to de-campaign them.

Reports are that opposition run councils are being sabotaged by the central government so that they can not deliver.

The government is reportedly not giving opposition run councils enough Constituency Development Fund allocations so that the local authorities fail to deliver.