There is uproar among Chegutu residents after a criminal investigating department detective was spotted driving a mercedes benz vehicle allegedly belonging to a notorious deadly gang that is killing people in the area.

The gang popularly known as team ‘barca’ has been on a killing and robbing spree in Chegutu with police being blamed for acting too softly on them, with the CID case of dining with the gang having also opened a can of worms.

Residents who pleaded for anonymity for fear of being victimised by the deadly gang said they were recently left tongues tied after witnessing a CID member driving team barca’s vehicle.

“At first we thought maybe they had apprehended the gang only to see the CID operative dining with the gang.

“We tried to engage the officer commanding supritendent Mazambani to assist and she assured us that the issue will be resolved imminently,” said the residents.

The sources also copied ZW News a message believed to have been posted by CID office distancing itself from any association with the gang.

“As CID Cheguth we would like to thank members of the public especially from ghetto for assisting detectives in apprehension of the armed robbers.

“The vehicle that was being used does not belong to Barca Team check number plates. As law enforcement agency we are going to make sure that peace is going to prevail in Chegutu. No one is above the Law.”