In a significant development, employees of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), who have endured eight months without compensation for their services to the party, have declared the takeover of Harvest House.

In a statement issued this Friday, the workers asserted that their offices nationwide lack resources, despite the party having received its allocated funds under the Political Parties (Finances) Act.

The workers alleged, “Funds from party investments and properties have been received and abused by individuals at the expense of party activities. The party is also riddled with massive corruption, misappropriation of funds, incompetence, abuse of assets, abuse of trust funds, abuse of office, gross neglect of properties by some members of the MDC National Standing Committee.”

Furthermore, the statement outlined the dire state of affairs within the MDC, citing unpaid rates, malfunctioning elevators at Harvest House, and the neglect of party assets. The workers contended that some allegations border on criminal activities, urging investigations by both the Party and law enforcement agencies.

In response to the non-payment of their dues and the pressing challenges faced by the party, the workers declared the takeover of Harvest House as a form of recourse.

“There will be no going back unless our conditions are met. We call upon the bona-fide leadership of the party to perform their duties in terms of the constitution to avoid and resolve this conflict,” the workers asserted. The move underscores the urgency for internal resolution and financial transparency within the MDC.