Following an embarrassing 0-4 drubbing by old enemies Liverpool on a night interim manager Ralf Rangnick described as ‘humiliating’, Manchester United’s great, Gary Neville, has passionately implored on American businessman’s family, Malcolm Glazer, to sell the troubled Old Trafford Club that is almost failing to grab the treasured top four finish.

Speaking on his podcast, the Gary Neville Podcast, the former United defender lamented over the way the Glazers have been ‘taking money out’ of the Manchester United business, while describing Tuesday night’s perfomance by the team that led to the humiliating defeat at Anfield as ‘shambles’.

“It would be easy to launch into the players and I’ve done that enough, because they have to take responsibility.

You can sometimes point towards the managers that Manchester United have had this season, but you have to start looking above when you see repeated failure over a 10-year period.

They (the Glazers) are taking dividends out of the football club. No good business, when the core activity of that business is failing miserably, when the cash has been depleted over the last three years to the levels that it has, continue to take money out.

Yes, maybe when the club’s rich, it’s winning, there’s hundreds of millions in the bank, the sponsorship contracts are coming in, there isn’t Covid and the stadium’s absolutely amazing, you might say, ‘OK, the owners can take a dividend’. Not today.”

Neville was also quoted by SkySports as saying there was no wisdom in the Glazers taking out money out of a business ‘which is failing’ and with a stadium that needs hundreds of millions to spend on.

Out of respect, don’t take money out of a business when the core activity of the business is failing, when the stadium needs hundreds of millions spending on it, when the training ground needs money spending on it, when the team needs money spending on it, when they need a manager who’s paid a handsome wage to compete with [Jurgen] Klopp, [Pep] Guardiola and [Thomas] Tuchel – don’t you take money out of that club. These do and that’s why they must go.”

As Zwnews reports, Neville is not the only player to come out guns blazing on United’s embarrasing fall as others who include Michael Owen and Rio Ferdinand, among others, have spewed their verbal attacks on the Red Devils.

Owen, who was at the Old Trafford for three years described the current crop of United players as a ‘disgrace’ while speaking on  Vibe with Five YouTube channel Ferdinand said:

‘It’s never been seen before. It’s alarming but we’ve all seen it coming. A big, big rebuild needs to happen.

‘It was embarrassing. I want to see some passion and desire. That game yesterday showed how far United are behind. You can go through it from No. 1 to 11 and it was poor.

‘The whole team were a shambles. Every goal you can pick someone out. There was no awareness, the two full-backs Wan-Bissaka and Dalot not following their men.

‘Maguire in no man’s land, not tight enough to the striker, not covering the run, in the middle of nowhere. People will say you shouldn’t single out people but it was embarrassing yesterday,’ as per Metro.