Opposition National Constitutional Assembly leader Lovemore Madhuku has defended his acceptance of a brand-new Isuzu double cab given to him by the government.

Madhuku who is a lawyer by profession is among Political Actors Dialogue (Polad) principals who were given the vehicles.

Meanwhile, there has been a public outcry with analysts saying it was a waste of taxpayers’ money, more so when some public hospitals have no ambulances.

But Madhuku says as Polad members, they are doing a great job for the country and deserve the cars.

Madhuku who turned up for a press conference in the very car he got from Mnangagwa said:

“The “important” work being done by Polad will enable the government to buy more ambulances.”

President Emmerson Mnangagwa donated the vehicles to 16 leaders of small political parties, including Madhuku who endorsed his 2018 election victory.

Meanwhile, main opposition leader Nelson Chamisa is not a member of Polad.