A leaked bedroom  video footage allegedly showing Uncle Roland’s ex-wife, Mitchelle Kawome with another man, has gone viral on the internet.

In the shameful video clip, Mitchelle appears in her bedroom, sharing good moments with a massively endowed man.

The nude Mitchelle is seen enjoying herself with a man she is calling Thomas. A Zimbabwean online activist alleges that the full name of the man in the bedroom video “is Thomas Rashamira the owner of Clip Crunt real estate.”

The vivacious socialite first rose to fame after an alleged love triangle with notorious playboy Roland Muchegwa, popularly known as Uncle Roland and the now late prominent Harare lawyer Edmore Jori.

Jori who worked for Winterton’s Legal Practitioners sadly perished in a car accident. He was reportedly chasing after Michelle from Pabloz Night club when the accident occurred.

Michelle has since wrote the text below following the leak:

I was goin through a terrible storm but I refuse to go down because I am always content in all circumstances nomatter how brocken.l may have a million unanswered questions. I might ask God why me ,is this not too much ,when will my chance pass have l not done enough time. I always answer myself but who must it be done to? No one deserves such. l know who l am ,l am already chosen and l am loved more than I ever imagined for me that is enough. I am grateful for my life because l know all my life has been carried by grace. To my enemies I pray one day you will find peace and let me rest. Living unapologetically !!!!

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