Stoke Heath Homecare Ltd, a care work company based in the United Kingdom, has raised concerns about a Zimbabwean nurse, Bernadette Mushipe Musinza, who allegedly impersonates their name as a recruitment agency to deceive desperate job-seekers in the country.

According to reports, Bernadette, residing in Hatfield, Harare, has been making promises to individuals seeking employment as care workers in the UK, claiming to provide them with certificates of sponsorship.

Bernadette’s work history includes previous positions at Chitungwiza General Hospital, Warren Park, Newlands, and Mbare clinics.

Ellies Boka, the owner of Stoke Heath Homecare, revealed that they have received numerous inquiries from people who claim to have been scammed by Bernadette, falsely representing herself as their recruitment agent in Zimbabwe.

Boka stated, “Bernadette has deceived several individuals, offering them certificates of sponsorship to work for our organization as care workers. She has employed similar tactics with other vulnerable job seekers, misusing various organizations.”

Boka emphasized that Bernadette has never been employed, formally or informally, as an agent by Stoke Heath Homecare. They have reported her actions to the Nurses Council of Zimbabwe and warned others not to fall victim to her scams.

When approached by H-Metro, Bernadette provided a vague response, suggesting there is more to the situation. She insinuated a personal motive behind the allegations, stating, “It’s a long story. Everything we had done was between us (her and Stoke Heath Homecare). I am sure there are some things which happened in his house and he now wants to play smart.”

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