Tytan has emphasized the contentment in his current marriage and revealed that the idea of divorcing Olinda has never crossed his mind.

“My marriage is fantastic. I am happily married to my wife. It’s great… I lead my family; that’s my household with my kids and my wife. That’s how our dynamic works. I’ve been married twice—round one and round two to complete the picture,” Tytan shared.

Regarding Stunner’s performance at Olinda’s event, Tytan expressed his indifference, saying, “I was alright. If we call Ajigija to come and perform and get money, he comes and performs and becomes the clown we want him to be and he goes.”

By calling Stunner Ajigija he may have been implying that Olinda’s ex-husband is a clown who lacks direction in life.

When questioned about Stunner and Olinda’s seemingly cozy pictures, Tytan responded, “I don’t have any information about that.” He tactfully avoided delving into certain topics, citing his concern for his daughter. He reiterated the strength of his marriage, stating, “I’ve never contemplated divorce, not now or at any time.”

However, Tytan admitted that his previous claims of abuse by Olinda were not entirely truthful. He clarified, “I must admit that it wasn’t entirely truthful; it was driven by emotions.”