YOUTHFUL musician Tytan, who recently paid bride price for UK based fiancée Olinda Chapel, reckons he hit the jackpot by landing the socialite and he raised the lobola money himself.

The Mukoko hit-maker, whose traditional wedding with Stunner’s ex-wife has been trending on social media, says ‘haters’ give him strength to meet his goals and he does not mind negative comments over his marriage and or wife.

Last night, Tytan opened up to H-Metro after social media users questioned his ability to raise lobola money.

Some claimed Olinda might have paid for her own lobola to ‘fast’ track their union while others simply doubted Tytan’s coffers to meet his fiancée’s demands.Friends in her circles felt the young rapper was also being used by his fiancée to get attention, but he dismissed all these claims.


Tytan laughed off at the claims that he was bailed by Olinda saying he really ‘sweated’ to raise the lobola money.

“Those who know me will always tell you than I am a hard worker doing a lot of things in life.

“By the way, I am a creative designer and brand manager doing consultancy work both at home and the UK.

“I have been holding a number of gigs in the UK realising at least 1000 pounds per week and I was saving money for the ceremony because I knew the day (to pay lobola) was coming.

“I don’t care what people will say because munhu ndewangu, ende hazvichinji,” says the affable rapper.


Despite all the backlash Tytan has been receiving, he says his family has always been supportive to him.

“My family has blessed this union and my family has always been supportive each time I want to do something in life.

“I paid lobola in the UK where my aunt form Bulawayo was present.

“Formalising the union is the best thing we have always wished even though it appeared as if we had known each other for a while.

“We have always wished for the day to come and we are happy that all is well.”


While Olinda and Tytan’s lifestyle is no longer a secret on social media, the rapper says they also still deserve their privacy.

As such, Tytan could not be drawn into revealing the amount he paid for bride price unlike other socialites like Wicknell Chivayo who have gone public about the lobola money they splashed to in-laws.

“I can’t do (reveal lobola money) that for the good of my family.

“As a family, we deserve our privacy, I can’t tell you the figure because it’s too personal,” says the young entrepreneur.


Despite their busy schedules as the couple has business interests both locally and in the UK, the singer says they will create time for each other.

“It’s no secret we both have busy schedules but we will create time for each for each other.

“Another way to ensure that we are always in touch are the collaborations we are going to do.

“For instance, we are collaborating on the High Teas to be held on the 13th of May in Harare.

“We are always doing some work together since she came into my life.

“Olinda is currently in Zimbabwe working on the project and we will be together after work.”


While fellow artistes have been ‘dissing’ him for his decision to marry Olinda through song, Tytan says he won’t hit back.

“I don’t mind those who are dissing me because it won’t help them.

“If it is benefiting them, I can’t stop them because haters will only give me strength to achieve my goals.

“I also think people are judging us according to their taste.

“Like I said earlier on, it won’t change anything at all,” says the singer.


Tytan believes there is nothing wrong with them spending much of their time on social media as they are public figures.

“Most of the time that we go live on social media, we will be pushing our projects.

“We have a number of pages we run which requires us to be active on social media.

“I won’t stop pushing our works no matter what people will say.”

Tytan and Olinda’s affair has always hogged the limelight with social media users divided each time they go public.

Others have labelled them an attention seeking couple but the pair insists they always laugh when they are hit hard on social media.

Source-H Metro