Shakespeare Muzavazi

In a painful incident that has left Makusha residents tears on toes, a shurugwi man committed suicide after his wife left him for a prominent business man.

Freeman Dube of Makusha high density hung himself to death on a roof beam in his matrimonial bedroom after an ensued misunderstanding with his wife who is allegedly in a relationship with Christopher Ngonidzashe Chimuti a prominent local businessman.

Impeccable sources at the funeral disclosed that, sometime this year Dube caught his wife red handed in a compromising position with Chimuti and for the crime the prominent businessman appeased the deceased with a luxurious car.

“The businessman continued to be torrid and had the tenacity to continue having an affair with the deceased’s wife, in addition this culminated in Freeman committing suicide,” sources revealed.

According to neighbors, the deceased and his wife tried to solve their marital problems amicably by going to the police but however they were given a peace order and shared their property equally, the deceased took possession of a car bought by his nemesis while the wife took a tuck-shop and it’s sellables.

When reached for comment, prominent local business person, Chimuti denied all the allegations and even laughed that he had bought a car for someone over an extra marital affair.

“What people are saying are just mere allegations its just beer hall talk, I don’t even know the issue, maybe you can consult the deceased wife and ask her if I was in love with her, I was never caught red handed with a man’s wife and I did not buy a car for anyone, ”Chimuti said.