The opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) has dismissed an instruction by the late Veteran Politician Morgan Richard Tsvangirai’s family that those who will attend his memorial service must not wear political party regalia.

Speaking during a press statement on Tuesday Party Spokesperson Jacob Mafume said, “We will attend the memorial service of our late icon in full force. We are going to be wearing whatever we want whether it is party regalia or not.

“As you remember Morgan Tsvangirai was the Founder of MDC. He is red inside his blood, inside his grave and in heaven where he is.”

When asked about the instruction from the Tsvangirai family Mafume said, “We are the family of Morgan Richard Tsvangirai. The family of Tsvangirai is the MDC. They were beaten with him, they died with him and lived with him. Some of us are carrying scars of being part of Tsvangirai’s family.”

On Monday the Tsvangirai family spokesperson Manase Tsvangirai told private media that, “The other thing we would like to highlight is that, we hope and believe that people who are coming for this memorial, should not be seen wearing any political parties’ regalia. Instead we expect people to be wearing the regalia of the late Morgan Tsvangirai.”

Manase added that the family was hoping Zimbabweans would respect their wish.