Renowned investigative journalist Hopewell Chin’ono has distanced ZANU PF from the recent recalling of Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) Members of Parliament by self styled party Secretary General Sengezo Tshabangu.

Chin’ono says the recalls is born out of internal fights within the country’s main opposition.

He says even party leader Nelson Chamisa knows that the recalls have nothing to do with the ruling party ZANU PF.

Chin’ono disclosed this after a netizen by the name Bla Modza wrote: “It’s Hopewells creation. He is probably talking to tshabangu directly.”

Responding on X handle formerly Twitter, Chin’ono wrote:

You can’t claim to be a democrat and at the same time get angry when a journalist factually reports on what is happening.

A journalist who is scared to report on what is happening because it is unpopular is a bogus, incompetent and useless journalist.

It is a fact that Tshabangu is talking to senior MPs in CCC who are close to Nelson Chamisa.


It is true that Chamisa knows about this! It is also true that he has spoken to junior MPs.

It is true that Tshabangu has also spoken to MPs pleading with him not to be recalled.

It is true that Tshabangu is not a lone wolf, he is simply the Trojan horse for disgruntled bonafide CCC members.

Chamisa knows them, CCC leaders know them.

You also know them but you are coming to social media to dishonestly posture.

It is true that if you have been an MP for more than two terms, you are indeed a senior MP, basic common sense.

My job is not to push party propaganda or bogus long essay analysis which are not based on what is happening but mere opinions.

When your MPs confirm that they are talking to Tshabangu, that is what we report as journalists.

As I have always said, I don’t post what you want to hear, I post what is happening!

Don’t ask me to reveal the identity of my sources or the MPs who have acknowledged talking to Tshabangu to me.

It is journalistic privilege that any decent journalist shouldn’t violate or abuse.

I am bound by ethics!

I went to jail because I refused to divulge the identity of a Government official who gave me information that Henrieta Rushwaya was going to get bail unopposed.

You called me a hero then for refusing to violate that journalistic tenet of protecting a source.

I refused to divulge of multiple sources who gave me information leading to the Covid-19 looting scandal, I spent 45 days in prison and refused to expose sources.

Today you are angry because I have done the same simply because you have a direct interest in the story, there is a name for that; HYPOCRISY!

You can support your party in anyway you want, but don’t demand me to violate my journalistic ethics in pursuit of seeking to be seen in a certain way.

You are free to UNFOLLOW me if you don’t like my type of journalism, you are also free to mute or block me.

Good day and have a great week ahead.

P/s you said that I am probably talking to Tshabangu directly, I would be such a foolish journalist if I turned down the opportunity to talk to Tshabangu and hear his side of the story, that is what REAL professional journalists do.

For your own information, I haven’t spoken to him, but I would like to talk to him and interview him, that is called journalism.