The MDC-T circus continued today [Thursday] with a damming communique from the faction’s Chair, Sen Morgen Komichi. He unequivocally labelled the meeting that nominated Sen Douglas Mwonzora illegal, bogus and contemptuous, as it defied the faction’s Standing Committee Congress halting resolutions.

Sen Mwonzora’s Twitter propagandists should explain how their trojan horse amassed an impressive 189 votes in a meeting attended by 38 people according to Sen Komichi? Is ZEC running the MDC-T EOC nominations? Is Tsikamutanda, Sen DM rigging his way to the MDC-T Presidency?

I preempted the danger of continuing with nominations for the EOC yet it was halted indefinitely. This will create multiple centres of power. Now, was there a consensus on the EOC deferment pending a variation order from the courts? Clearly, there are factions in the faction!

It can’t be business as usual when a key Province can meet and make nominations without the knowledge of the Acting Pres, Chair, Organizing Sec etc! What will be the consequences for the Mwonzora Harare coup? What’s going on in the MDC-T? Where is the constitutionalism now?

All this “constitutionalism” talk was just for convenience. But then, politics is a buffet where you pick what you want or prefer, and it still remains a normal dinner. But perhaps the only embarrassing thing is that the goats pretended to announce the death of a lion.

Davis Laque