KARIBA: Just when we think we have seen every way which an animal can suffer and die through indiscriminate snares, another gut wrenching and absolutely sickening incident happens in Kariba, zimnewsnet can reveal.

This came after a young male lion was found dead with two wires wrapped around him, few days ago.

He managed to break off a cable snare wrapped around his lower body after it had sliced through him leaving his stomach half hanging out.

lion poachers zimbabwe

But he died due to the other cable wrapped tight around his neck.

Evidence on the scene show that the lion got killed immediately after feasting on an impala that was also snared.

He was on his own and it is unknown if he is from a local lion pride or a just a loner.

Sources revealed to Zimnewsnet yesterday that there is rampant poaching in the Kariba area near Nyamayana and Quary River where poachers often lay snares to catch wild animals.

The local parks office was alerted to the crime.

They took the carcass away and destroyed it so no one could profit from from  the act.

No official statement has been released by authorities about the lion death’s and poaching which is very rampant in the Kariba area.