In a very depressing incident which has left residents of Kwekwe’s Amaveni suburb in a state of shock, a 4-year old juvenile died after he reportedly consumed a bottle filled with the toxic hydrochloric acid.

Whilst police authorities could not immediately confirm the sad happening which occurred Monday this week at around 16:30hrs, Zwnews has it on good authority that the deceased minor, Claus Mataka, was pronounced dead upon arrival at Gweru Provincial Hospital after he had taken an unspecified amount of hydrochloric acid.

“It is quite saddening. Claus came across the bottle containing the acid which was placed at the backyard of the family residence which he consumed, leading to his death. We are at a loss of words and it is disappointing to note that the juvenile was set to celebrate his 4th birthday next month,” said a close family member who declined to be named.

Mourners are gathered at House No. Q19, Amaveni Township, Kwekwe.

Also known as muriatic acid, Hydrochloric acid is a poisonous, corrosive hazardous liquid that reacts with most metals to form explosive hydrogen gas and causes severe burns and irritation of eyes and mucous membranes.

Symptoms from swallowing hydrochloric acid may include: mouth and throat burn, causing severe pain, drooling, breathing difficulty due to swelling of throat, severe abdominal pain, bloody vomiting, severe chest pain, fever and rapid drop in blood pressure (shock).

more details to follow…