There was chaos at ZRP Plumtree on the 09th of August when ZRP Officer Commanding Bulilimamangwe District called all police officers to attend a parade at 1630 hrs so that the members get briefed and geared for an operation to thwart demonstrations following a call by opposition parties and civic organisations to be on the streets as from 10 August.

Junior officers who were at the parade made noise thereby telling the Seargent Major Shumba who was reading an operation order that they were tired of useless deployments and after all, they were being used to heavily descend on innocent civilians yet they are suffering and their children have nothing to eat at their homesteads.

The junior officers made noise up to the extent that Seargent Major Shumba could no longer read the operation order up until senior officers Chief Inspector Mangena Rosemary and Inspector Ndlovu (a medical officer stationed at ZRP Plumtree camp clinic) intervened and called the junior officers to order.

After the briefing parade, the junior officers were heard urging each other to incite the civilians on the ground to rise and revolt against the govt.

Junior police officers are known for being politically used by their seniors without being remunerated.

The previous week junior Plumtree police officers were made to conduct another anti-protest operation and they were not given their allowances.

Things are not well within the security officers. Police officers are now openly siding with the public to rise against the govt.

These officers are just struggling to make ends meet just like civilians in Zimbabwe.

source: online