Exiled former cabinet minister Jonathan Moyo says the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIOs) wanted to facilitate Henrietta Rushwaya’s ease passage with the loot to Dubai.

According to Moyo, were it not for the Military Intelligence Department (MID), which acted swiftly and arrested her, Rushwaya could have easily flown out with the gold she wanted to smuggle with the help of the CIO.

“So Henrietta Rushwaya was arrested by officers from the Military Intelligence Department (MID), when she was waiting to board the Dubai plane.

“This was after Mnangagwa’s security from the CIO had helped her to avoid all security checks at RGM International Airport!” says Moyo.

Meanwhile, when Rushwaya was arrested, it came out that CIOs operatives were part of her company.

The court also heard that CCTV surveillance systems were switched off so that she could evade being noticed.

1005841cookie-checkTop Secret: Military intelligence arrested Rushwaya, CIOs wanted to help her smuggle- Jonathan Moyo