We have seen a plethora of FPS games flooding the market over the last few years. But some of the old gems like CSGO never fades in popularity. Even though the game recently became free, players are still waiting for game deals and try to get the prime version for a discounted price. It is considered to be one of the preferred choices for FPS fans who love to get some hardcore 5v5 experience to get their blood pumping!

As much as we love to become a pro in CSGO, the road to success seems to be a lot tougher than you might anticipate. So, in this article, I am going to share with you some of my favorite tips and tricks to help you rank faster in CSGO!

Team Communication

One of the things that many players find so annoyingly frustrating is the fact that some of the teammates are straight up bullies and they don’t coordinate attacks with their teammates, DON’T be like that.

Whether it’s csgo or life, communication is the key to get success, you need to work well with your teammates, be it rushing at the bomb site or playing it passive while your opponents fall into your trap.

Don’t be the guy who goes the opposite side of the map just for a quick kill and doesn’t communicate with the team at all. All you are doing is making things worse for your team.

Get Familiar with Spray Patterns

Even if you have the best strategy in mind, if you are not familiar with the spray patterns in CSGO, you are basically a dead man walking. Each weapon in CSGO has its own spray pattern and recoil adjustment, meaning if you want to be proficient at shooting, you must first learn about the weapon’s spray pattern and recoil correction.

Use Flashbangs Before Entry

Pro players already know all the entry points on the map where flashbang is a MUST. Analyze these points in a map where the opponents might be on callout for your entry, effective use of flashbangs give you a short window to enter an enemy territory and possibly bag some kills.

Work on your Movement

You might be the best shot in the game but if you stay put while aiming, it makes you an easy target for the enemies. You need to learn to move or strafe while you aim for a deadly headshot, otherwise all your shooting skills would go in vain if your movement doesn’t go hand-in-hand with your shooting.

Team Mate Boosting

Most of the CSGO players don’t know about team mate boosting, you can use your teammates to help you climb places you otherwise could not. This comes in handy if you are near a long wall and you want to get a better look at your enemies on the other side of it or even start shooting at them out of the blue, trust me, they won’t see this coming!