Homework is one academic task that most students always have mixed reactions to it. While some always struggle to use the resources well to accomplish the homework and submit it on time, some usually find it easy and do the homework and submit it on time. There are many websites you can consider as highlighted in this write-up, for homework services. You will relieve yourself from the burden of figuring out what you will do, especially when the homework is complex.

Homework comes with some benefits and pitfalls. In whichever case, you should never regret the idea of doing homework as a student. After all, your ultimate goal at school is to study smart, get better grades, and graduate as a top student. Therefore, doing homework is part of the plan that will help you achieve all these academic goals you have for your future. Whenever I need help with my homework, I often visit different websites and get the best help that boosts my academic performance.

Below is a list of the best homework help websites you too can consider to ease your homework burden and help you do better at school.

Khan Academy

Available for free, Khan Academy is a homework help website for academic work. The website has useful information tailored to suit your homework needs.

When setting up your account with Khan Academy, you need to customize it based on the services or courses you want to explore.

Once you have the account set up, you can view the Khan Academy’s dashboard with questions, practical exercises, instructional videos, and detailed questions with explanations, among other learning resources. The details on the dashboard are personalized based on your needs. For instance, if you need math homework help, the questions, videos, and exercises that will appear on the dashboard will be all about math.

The best aspect of Khan Academy is the fact that it covers a wide range of homework help topics as compared to related websites.


Although Chegg comes at a set price between $14.95 to $19.95, there are many reasons why it is a perfect choice for homework help. When you use Chegg, you will access three sections as described below:

Section one – Overall study including writing help, textbook solutions, explanations via videos, and questions & answers from experts, among others.

Part two – here, you will get textbooks to rent should you need extra reference materials outside the classroom.

Part three – In this part, you will read free articles to get useful insights on the overall school life and how you can take everything easily.


Best for science homework tasks, Studypool is a website that offers creative formulas to help students solve their homework questions.

To use Studypool, you simply create an account for free and then upload your homework questions, where professionals will bid to help answer your questions. You can then select a tutor you want based on the prices they offer. However, there is no transparency when it comes to pricing with Studypool.


Tutor.com is a website that helps students with homework by connecting them with professional tutors. As you book your session, you will get a personal tutor based on your homework needs to guide you through. The tutors are professionals with higher education achievements.


Brainly is one of the best homework help websites helping students do their homework under subjects such as history, math, computer science, social studies, and biology, among many others subjects. Through the website, students can connect and work with professional teachers one on one.


Do you always struggle to do your homework? The struggle should be all gone. Simply explore the websites highlighted above for more help.