The country today marks 5 years since the death of former Zimbabwean Prime Minister in the Government of National Unit, Morgan Tsvangirai.

On 14 February 2018, Tsvangirai died at the age of 65 after reportedly suffering from colon cancer.

Tsvangirai was Zimbabwe’s 2nd Prime Minister, one who was denied his mandate to State House through violence and rigging of elections.

He was an incredibly brave man who risked his life to stand up to the authoritarian rule of Robert Mugabe.

He did not succeed in ousting Mugabe – due to the intimidation of his supporters and some blatant rigging – but he did at least live to see the downfall of his long-time rival.

In purely political terms, Mugabe always managed to get the better of the charismatic former union leader – especially when he was prime minister and they were supposedly sharing power.

Some of his ex-comrades in the MDC, which he founded, accused him of dictatorial tendencies and the party split several times.