Musician Felistas ‘Mai TT’ Murata had another outrageous outburst at her husband and a female socialite at the weekend following Tinashe Maphosa’s comments on Joey Nyikadzino’s figure .

The outspoken comedienne cried on Facebook live fearing that Tinashe might have cheated on her with the vivacious slay queen.

Describing her reaction Mai TT said:

I was disturbed and I went mad on social media.. thank you women for strengthening me. Ndinonzwa kubhoira mandiri kuita sekunonzi munechinotutuma kuti ndipopote asi ndanyara ndineurombo nezvandakaita. I am sorry. I have learnt a lesson.

Joey Nyikadzino

Early last week Mai TT confronted and humiliated her husband live online about his links  with UK based businesswoman Olinda Chapel Nkomo.

This follows allegations by Olinda that Murata’s husband Tinashe Maphosa had been in her DMs since 2019 to 2021. Olinda also said she still has the chats.

Responding to Olinda’s claims, Mai TT said:

At least he is your age, why don’t you go ahead and marry him instead of marrying your son.

Mai TT has also been Live on Facebook responding to the allegations. Tinashe Maphosa refuted the allegation saying Olinda is lying. Mai TT then challenged Olinda to bring out the chats in question so that she can read them as well.