Thomas Mapfumo, a musician who has been exiled, suggests that changing the current political situation in Zimbabwe cannot be achieved through voting in the upcoming general elections scheduled for July or August this year.

Instead, he advocates for peaceful protests as the only means to remove Zanu-PF from power.

Mapfumo, who has been critical of the government, believes that Zimbabweans need to understand that President Emmerson Mnangagwa took power in an unconstitutional manner and is unlikely to relinquish it through the ballot box.

He calls on Zimbabweans to forget about elections and take to the streets, as peaceful protests have been successful in other countries, such as Egypt.

Mapfumo also demands accountability from the government for the vast mining resources in the country, stating that US$15 billion went missing during Mugabe’s era without anyone being held accountable.

He believes that the money could have been used to improve healthcare, education, food security, and employment opportunities.

Instead, a few people are enjoying the looted money while Zimbabweans are suffering from a lack of healthcare and food.

Mapfumo argues that something must be done to remove the oppressive government, and peaceful protests are the way to defend one’s rights.