Still remember the late Kisinoti Munodei Mukwazhe (May His Dear Soul Rest in Peace) of the defunct Zimbabwe Development Party and another one, going by the name Shakespeare Maya who presided over some political party calling itself the National Alliance for Good Governance- or, is it NAGG?

the late Kisinoti Mukwazhe

The comic pair of Mukwazhe and Maya (pictured below), who were roundly dismissed as ruling Zanu PF party decoys in elections, would always make it a point that they get laughable votes- even zero at their own polling stations- and in the process, bringing the lighter side to the regular elections typified by politically-motivated violence in the troubled southern African nation of 15 million people.

And, in the midst of depressing reports of surging political violence ahead of the potentially explosive March 26 by-elections, the ‘rationally unpopular” opposition MDC-T leader Douglas Mwonzora apparently seems to be treading on the same paths bearing the footprints of Mukwazhe, Maya, Hlabangana Kwanele, Blessing Kasiyamhuru, Lovemore Madhuku and so forth.

Notwithstanding his strong political CV and track record in the ‘struggle for change’, the trained lawyer-cum-politician has now become the butt of social media jokes with his less-than-a-hundred people rallies.

Arguably another Zanu PF decoy in every sense of the word, Mwonzora, in typical Kisinoti Mukwazhe-style may quit contesting the dreaded presidential race if the paltry crowds characterizing his so-called political rallies are anything to go by.

Some local internet users have even gone to an extent of suggesting that Mwonzora’s paltry crowds must not be addressed with the use of a Public Address (PA) System.

One such user is former Zimbabwe National Students’ Union (Zinasu) president, Tapiwanashe Chiriga, who took to his micro-blogging Twitter handle to caption an image (below) of a Mwonzora Showgrounds Rally saying:

“Why does (Douglas Mwonzora) hire a PA system (though)? He should just say “swederai padhuze tinzwanane” #RationallyUnpopular “

Chiriga, who uses the handle, @tapchiriga97 invited a potpourri of reactions to his post, and we have selected full texts of some of the reactions by Twitter users to the former student activist’s post:

  • I was actually in (shock) when I saw a post saying rally ya mwonzora ku zim grounds I was hey man why all the space- @lolomazani
  • Aiwaka
    President D Mwonzora is very smart , remember he always abides by the police rules and covid restrictions.He makes sure his crowd doesn’t exceeds 100 people waibata.Anavo vanhu but he respect mutemo waiketa🙃😃- @obey_nyati
  • There are many people on this photo, more than 5000. I think the problem is that the ground is too big 🤔😅😅. Munhu wese arikungoti Dougie Dougie kkkkkk- @pkmronger02
  • I have managed to count these people at Mwonzora’s star rally and came out with 85 Then I gave him an allowance of 30 & the total is 115 kana ku cell level haakwane- @kayskaizer
  • Is Dhagi Dhagi only contesting in one constituency? He had a rally at Zororo grounds and now he wants to do another at Zimbabwe grounds. For the why?- @McdonaldBango
  • I think that was media team! Hapana maSupporters apo- @KendrellZ