In a development that is going to reduce the spread of HIV and sexually transmitted  infections, the Centre for Sexual Health and HIV Aids Research (CeSHHAR) has encouraged s-ex workers to reveal their HIV status to their clients before rendering them sexual services

In an interview, CeSHHAR outreach officer Ms Sekai Dembaremba said s-ex workers should not be shy to reveal their profession as it can help them access sexual reproductive health services from various clinics.

“As CeSHHAR we are saying it is very crucial that sex workers reveal their HIV statuses to potential clients before engaging in sex. This helps us in the fight against HIV as it reduces the transmission of STIs and HIV. It also helps them know their statutes and take required necessary precautions.

“We are therefore appealing to all sex workers whether female or male, to make time to visit CeSHHAR clinics and get various sexual health services. We demonstrate how female and male condoms are supposed to be worn, we also provide Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PREP), we screen for STIs and we offer family planning services,” she said.

Ms Dembaremba said artisanal miners should also make time to seek sexual reproductive health services from nearby health centres.

“Many artisanal miners ignore seeking health services due to the nature of their work. We therefore encourage them to make sure that they visit health centres as we try to fight the pandemic in mining areas which have recently became hot spots for new HIV infections,” she said.

-State media