Miraculously applying the law of demand and supply, commercial sex workers in Shurugwi have taken a swipe on married women who are offering se_xual services to artisanal miners (amakorokoza) at lower prices as this automatically reduces the overall price of transactional S-x.

The thigh vendors have now resorted to alerting the husbands of the women who seek to make a quick buck in an effort to lessen the competition.

Speaking to online publication, NewZimbabwe, during a National Aids Council (NAC) media tour in Shurugwi recently, Condom Champion Sithabile Ndlovu said

As condom distributors, married women are coming to us privately demanding condoms, especially during the night as they have resorted to offering se_xual services to amakorokoza (artisanal panners).

Poverty and hunger have made things worse here but the good thing is, the artisanal miners pay for se_x services in United States dollars.

And now there is a war of words between the married women and se_x workers who have resorted to alerting their (married women) husbands and many marriages have broken down as a result.

But for us as Condom Champions, we don’t discriminate, we give everyone the condoms to use so that they don’t put themselves at risk.

However, one of the makorokozas who was interviewed is of the opinion that some wives are selling their services with the full consent of their husbands due to the harsh economic climate. Kuda Kwashira told the publication,

To be honest, poverty and hunger are wreaking havoc in many families and with the way we gold panners are making money, it seems married women and their husbands are in agreement to sell se_x as a source of income to feed their families.