The Nelson Chamisa-led MDC Alliance has engaged independent auditors in a bid to recover a whopping $1.9 million that reportedly vanished from its coffers amid reports that some high-ranking party officials are responsible for the loss.
Well placed sources claim that the party could have been prejudiced of about $1.9m and unnamed party bosses have been identified as the scapegoats for the financial loss. The sources said there was vivid evidence that $1.9m was withdrawn from the MDC accounts and used for other unintended purposes.
“We are faced with that challenge whereby $1,9 million was stolen and used for other purposes,” said a source.
According to David Coltart, the MDC Treasurer General, the independent auditors will begin work this week. However, Coltart was understandably stingy with details when questioned if the audit team was assembled after party bosses had abused the money in question.
“We are starting an audit today because the party, at my request, has agreed to have an audit. We will have a standard audit and until maybe the audit reveals the irregularities, I am not aware of such,” he said.
Coltart could also not be drawn into availing figures of financial losses incurred by the country’s biggest opposition political institution.
“Whether it is $190 000 or $1,9 million, I am not aware of any irregularities. I am not saying they are not there. I am not an auditor and that is why we have an audit. An independent firm will be doing the audit of the MDC books since 2019 and it is the first for the MDC and for any political party. It is the first time a political party has subjected itself to an audit”, Coltart remarked.

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