VP Chiwenga has refuted news that he has been hospitalised at a posh private hospital in Harare for a long overdue surgery.

A publication reported on Thursday that Vice President Constantino Chiwenga arrived at the Trauma Centre in Borrowdale on Thursday just before 3 PM. He was in a six-vehicle convoy flashing blue lights, with sirens turned off.

In a video, Chiwenga said he had visited the posh private hospital because his brother needs to have open heart surgery. Vice President Chiwenga who appears to be in good health, was responding to a concerned caller who had read that he had been hospitalised. Chiwenga said:

They forget I’m Minister of Health. I’ve gone to see new ideas, new equipment and all the ideas. My brother wants to do open heart surgery. What’s wrong with people? I should never visit a friend who has got a surgery or a clinic or a hospital? Now how do I visit my hospitals?

According to a local publication, Constantino Chiwenga walked into the privately-owned hospital unaided and appeared in good physical health.