The Minister of Joint Management and Traditional Affairs (COGTA) NKOSASAN DLINMINI ZUMU has published a new bulletin in which the blocking level limits are updated in South Africa and allowed to open sports objects for the audience. This means that all sports fans will soon be able to enjoy sporting events again, place bets and follow the results at

According to this document, sports facilities for both professional and non-professional sports can now be opened for viewers, but they are still limited to comprehensive restrictions on meeting in the country.

It means that:

  • At sports facilities in closed rooms there may be no more than 750 people;
  • At open sports fields there may be no more than 2,000 people;
  • If the venue for the event is too little in order to accommodate these maximum limits, the restriction is set at 50% of the capacity of this place.

The newsletter places the responsibility to the owner of the institution or organizer of the event for compliance with these restrictions, otherwise, they can be fined or subjected to a six-month prison. New rules come into force immediately.

“A decrease in the number of infections, as well as consultations with the relevant stakeholders, prepared the soil so that recognized sports organizations can conduct sporting events, including both professional and non-professional competitions, subject to strict compliance with the rules,” said Dlamini Zuma.

“When we go out to sporting events to support our teams, let’s do this, realizing that CABID-19 is still with us. Let’s unite in compliance with the COVID-19 protocols, putting on masks, washing your hands, and observing social distance measures,” – she said.

In accordance with the adjusted limitations of the first level of blocking, entered on September 30, professional and non-professional sporting events were allowed, but they were not discovered for the audience. Earlier, only journalists, film crews, and sports staff were allowed to object.

Since now the audience is allowed to attend, a list of activities that are strictly prohibited has been reduced and now includes:

  • Night vigils;
  • Collections after the funeral;
  • Night clubs;
  • Certain land boundaries remain closed;
  • Any agreed exceptions from public transport and the education sector, about which the relevant ministers mentioned.

Recall that the President of Syril Ramafos announced that a number of blocking rules in South Africa would be mitigated, because from Friday (October 1) the country passes to the adjusted blocking level 1.

Speaking on 30.09  in the evening with the national appeal, the President said that the country was successful in the fight against Coronavirus and that now the country officially emerged from the third wave of COVID-19 infections.

The third wave, which lasted over 130 days, had a peak of about 20,000 new cases a day, the president said.

As the number of cases decreases, he said that on Friday, the country will switch to the first level of isolation, and those restrictions will be weakened in the following areas:

  • Commandant hour will now act from 00:00 to 04:00;
  • Unnecessary institutions will have to close until 23:00 so that employees and visitors can return home before the com faith hour;
  • The number of people who are allowed to attend assemblies in the room will increase to 750 people, while at open sites can be at 2,000 people;
  • If the room is too small to accommodate such a number of people with an appropriate social distance, it is allowed to use no more than 50% of the capacity of the room.
  • Sale of alcohol will be permitted in accordance with the usual licensing provisions, but alcohol should not be sold until 23:00;
  • Wearing masks in public places remains mandatory.

The President of Ramafos said that the Government also considers the possibility of further weakening restrictions on sports and cultural events, and the corresponding announcement will be made later.