A Mufakose woman who was reported missing by her family after she left for work has returned home after 4 days with no recollection of events which took place from when she was presumed missing.

Thandiwe Chipamhadze, 32 who is a mother of 3 is reported to have turned up at her sister’s home in Kuwadzana 3 at around 3AM.


Her sister, Emelia confirmed her return:

“She was cold and crying. She spoke very little. She said all she remembered was catching a lift on Saturday, and then the people who gave her a lift refused to let her disembark after taking her phone.

“The next thing she remembers was finding herself on Bulawayo road in Kuwadzana Extension. That’s when she walked to my house.”

Her sister says Thandiwe was left shaken by the incident:

“We went to hospital and they conducted some tests. She has also been seeing a counsellor but she’s just broken. She won’t stop crying.”

Thandiwe who works in Chisipite as a hairdresser left her home in Mufakose on Saturday to commute to work.

She resides with her husband and their three children. Her last known communication was a text to her niece at around 7AM.

In the text she told her niece that she was having transport difficulties and was worried she would be late for work.

However Thandiwe never made it to work on that day.

Emelia, who also works at the same hair salon presumed her missing and made desperate appeals on social media to help in finding her sister.

“We are just glad to have her back in one piece. The rest we will figure out as we go and help her regain her confidence,” said Emelia.

ZRP police have since opened an investigation in a bid to try apprehend the culprits behind the kidnapping.