Lyrically talented Kwekwe-based gospel artist Tereresa has boldly declared that he is on his way to becoming the Midlands mining town’s next big thing after the late widely celebrated sungura musician, Tongai ‘Dhewa’ Moyo.

Born Marko Mpofu in Kwekwe 33 years ago, Tereresa told this publication that he has now set his sights on establishing a musical brand that is at par with other decorated crooners in the industry, including the late Dhewa who succumbed to a cancer known as Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2012.

“This town has a rich musical history and I am really convinced that I am the next big thing after Dhewa,” said Tereresa through his manager and publicist, Price ‘MaPranko’ Dube (pictured below).

“Remember, Kwekwe also gave birth to the inimitable Zig-Zag Band and at one time, the late Tuku (Oliver Mtukudzi) was a resident of this great city and Tereresa is just imploring on music enthusiasts to listen and know that we’ll leave an indelible mark in the industry,” MaPranko told Zwnews.

The artist, whose unique style of gospel music is a fusion of reggae/conscious and dancehall genres has to date released over twenty singles and is bemoaning lack of airplay and limited music promoters as the only current impediments to his ‘inevitable rise’.

“I think there’s need for both the public and private sectors to prioritize artists as key contributors to the growth of the economy, hence the need for financial appreciation to our artists,” he said.

According to Tereresa’s handler, he opted for ‘reggae or dancehall gospel’ in the pursuit of ‘sanctifying the ghetto yute who is facing a plethora of problems which include drug abuse and economic challenges’.

“Today’s ghetto yute is faced with a potpourri of challenges and the decision to fuse dancehall and reggae was actually influenced by the desire to reach out to the youths. Tereresa is simply spreading the message of sanctity to the fellow youth through gospel music”.

The 33-year old singer is currently working with Kwekwe music producer True Born Rasta for his forthcoming seven-track album to be released in May this year.