In recent weeks, an increasing number of confrontations have arisen between motorists navigating the Avenues area of Harare and commercial sex workers. Drivers, often accompanied by female passengers, have found themselves on the receiving end of verbal abuse, as sex workers mistakenly assume that every passing vehicle aims to solicit their services.

“We are calling for action against the presence of these sex workers lingering around the Avenues area,” expressed one concerned motorist. “They seem to think that every person in a car is seeking their services. I was embarrassed when one of them hurled offensive words at me while I was driving with my mother to a pharmacy at 3rd and Baines Avenue to buy medication.”

The situation has become troubling, as sex workers appear to operate with unrestricted freedom during daylight hours, wrongly identifying every motorist as a potential client.

A recent survey conducted by H-Metro has confirmed that several motorists have encountered this unpleasant situation. Additionally, even pedestrians have not been spared from the intrusive advances of these sex workers.

“Please do not stereotype us. We are regular women trying to make a living, and your assumptions are unfair. Not all of us are here solely for monetary gain,” pleaded one of the sex workers. “Some of these motorists pretend to be here for car washes, but their real intentions are focused on our appearance.”

It has come to light that many of the so-called “day shift” sex workers originate from other towns and cities, while those who assume the “night shift” duty are primarily from Harare. The clashes between motorists and sex workers in the Avenues area underscore the need for dialogue and possible solutions to mitigate the escalating tensions.