Whoever coined the motivational quote that says ‘when you do what everyone else is doing, you will get what everyone else is getting’, could perhaps have had 35-year old Midlands based entrepreneur Tendai Lazarus Tanhewe in the mind.
The ambitious Tanhewe who has set his sights on becoming
the proprietor of Kwekwe’s first ever Hardware Installation shop hails from Amaveni suburb- a township whose name was derived from a Ndebele army’s battalion that was called by the same name and fought during the Anglo-Ndebele War of 1893.
Tanhewe’s native Amaveni has a huge proportion of its residents engaged in the informal sector; mainly fruit and vegetable vending, informal gold mining and most recently, rampant trading of the interdicted illicit drugs and substances attributable to amplified unemployment levels.
But, in diametric contrast to ‘what  everyone else has been doing’ in his Amaveni Township, Tanhewe who is the founder and Chief Executive Officer for Electrical Solutions (Pvt) Ltd, is apparently determined in his quest to avoid ‘getting what everyone else has been getting’.
 “It is about time that as youths, we stop being cry-babies and desist from blaming everything on the economy,” he said while pouring his heart out to this publication.
“The birth of Electrical Solutions is as a result of the urge to come up with something refreshing. We cannot all be illegal gold dealers and we decided to formally register our company so that everything that we do is in sync with the country’s legal expectations,” Tanhewe said.
“So, as a home-grown power engineering concern, we are prioritising locals who have the expertise in our areas of specialisation. Electrical Solutions seeks to establish the first ever Hardware Installation shop here in Kwekwe.
“We hope that authorities will be able to come in handy inasmuch as the financial growth of companies run by local people is concerned. Sometimes, we are saddened by the fact that tendering processes seem to favour people from other established areas, especially Harare when we have people with abilities around,” he said.
The Midlands mining town never had a hardware installation shop since Zimbabwe’s attainment of Independence from British colonial rule in 1980.
Kwekwe is also home to Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa.
Tanhewe said the growth of Electrical Solutions has been made necessary by the support of the Islamic Society notably the Mukadam Family, former Kwekwe deputy Mayor Apostle John Mapurazi, publisher Nelson Mashiri of Midlands Printers, Evangelist Mazvita Gumede of Vakundi Ministries and Gold Metals Investments owner Shepherd Chahwanda who is known as Magodora.
The Electrical Solutions boss is contactable on +263776893780 or alternatively +263712194009.