Prominent Zimbabwean political commentator Dr Pedzisai Ruhanya says there are Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) rebels who are plotting Nelson Chamisa’s downfall.

Dr Ruhanya says most of them were in Tendai Biti’s PDP and are plotting to recall Fadzayi Mahere, Gift Ostallos Siziba and Amos Chibaya arguing that the pillars of Chamisa must fall.

“But this is all political tomfoolery because they have ZERO political base. CCC base must speak out.

“These are the same characters during Morgan era who are at it again. They never learn. One Phulu has decided to come out while his colleagues who are known think they are hiding!

“They undermined Morgan Tsvangirai in MDC and failed. Now they have undermined CCC and @nelsonchamisa and they have failed. Same characters, same tactics, same results, failure,” he says.

He maintains that ZANU PF is working with PDP.

“This is ZANU PF working with PDP and its masquerading as internal issue. This is a RIGGING proof so that CCC does not focus on election rigging.

“ZANU PF senior leaders in Chinamasa, Obert Mpofu met senior these fraudsters and the key elements are former PDP officials. We are not fools. This is a ZANU PF plot to shield election manipulation. These CCC people have fallen on account of working with ZANU PF.”

Dr Ruhanya adds that the same team failed to destroy late Movement for Democratic Change founder Morgan Tsvangirai and will not win against Chamisa.

“You failed to topple Tsvangirai and you have failed to topple @nelsonchamisa
working with ZANU PF. WHY IS ZANU PF facilitating and implementing these authoritarian recalls???? You are working with ZANU PF. Full stop and shame on you,” he says.

Apparently, Chamisa’s lawyer also hints on allegations indicating that Biti could be involved.

“Is the purported recall of Mayor Makone designed to reinstate someone as the Mayor of COH?

“Is this a PDP or ZANU maneuver?

“Or, Is it a step meant to chlorinate the original recalls, make them inward looking and give the false impression that ZANU was never involved? Think!”