Norton Independent Member of Parliament, Temba Mliswa has blamed President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s security for exposing him.

This comes after a video of visibly drunk Mnangagwa went viral in which he had to be helped to the podium by two of his aides.

Mliswa says Mnangagwa is not such a drinker, but blames his security for not being there for him.

“If the truth be said, the President isn’t that much of a drinker.

“The whole clip shows that he was fine, spoke and stood on his own. I think we have jumped excitedly onto a nothing,” says Mliswa.

He added that Zimbabweans should not preoccupy themselves with little things, but rather focus on issues like corruption.

“There is no story here just that we have prior agendas and rush to foist them on a banal situation.

“He is a man of sober habits. Having young people holding onto you as a sign of affection isn’t something to read much into.

“It may give some impressions but it’s not a fact. My concern is the absence of security,” says Mliswa.

He says the nation should not humiliate itself with certain narratives.

“Let’s not humiliate and embarrass ourselves as a nation by casting false aspersions.

“The main concern here as I have said is the serious lack of security for Zimbabwe’s first citizen,” he adds.