It has emerged that the Kwekwe-based Zanu PF storm troopers known as  “Al-Shabaab” went berserk at the weekend, attacking party members who have just returned from Harare where they welcomed President Robert Mugabe at Harare International Airport upon his arrival from Japan.

Two Zanu PF Kwekwe officials, Pambanani Phiri and Lisbon Jaure, told the Daily News reporters that they got into very serious trouble when they returned to Kwekwe as they were ambushed and bashed by a top party official based in Midlands and a bunch of his “Al-Shabaab” gang  who accused them for “selling out” the province by attending Mugabe homecoming rally.

“It was at that point that they began to assault us viciously with clenched fists. In the end, we managed to escape and report the matter to the police.

“However, when we arrived at the police station, we discovered that some of the people who had assaulted us were already there, making their own report and accusing us of beating them.

“As a result, the case was recorded as public violence, case number 104/16. We are still to get medical reports but we also made a report to the provincial chairperson, Tapiwa Matangaidze,” an aggrieved Phiri said.

The gang is well known and even feared by government ministers who have concluded that Kwekwe and Midlands is Team Lacoste home ground, a “no go area” for known G40 supporters.

Some officials including Tsitsi Muzenda have asked for intervention from the top office as they fear that their lives are in danger whenever they set foot in the Midlands Province.