Presidential candidate Saviour Kasukuwere’s campaign team chairperson and former foreign affairs minister Walter Mzembi says President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa will not and is not confident in winning the forthcoming elections set for 23 August.

Mzembi adds that whoever will remain in the ring against Mnangagwa if Kasukuwere is barred should be given full support.

“Kuenda kusarudzo pakadai kukama mukaka wakatokora kare”
@DMwonzora is RIGHT here, however Bishibishi of ZANU PF bussing people everywhere betrays panic.

“They are not confident of winning this one. Whoever remains in the ring against them we must support,” says Mzembi.

Kasukuwere’s team is on record saying Chamisa is not their enemy, but a colleague in the battle to remove Mnangagwa.

Kasukuwere is battling to remain on the presidential ballot paper, after the High and Supreme Courts barred him.

Kasukuwere’s chief election agent and spokesperson Jackie Sande who has been fighting on the frontline from day one is on record saying they will fight to the bitter end.

She hinted that they would be going back to the Supreme Court to file an application seeking leave to appeal its judgement which upheld the High Court ruling barring Kasukuwere from contesting the election.

Meanwhile, the Constitutional Court recently ruled against Kasukuwere on a technicality, saying his application was wrongly before the court, avoiding dealing with the central case on its merits.

All the higher courts, the High Court, Supreme Court and Constitutional Court, did not address the fundamental constitutional issue regarding Kasukuwere’s right to vote.