Teachers have rejected the offer by their employer, the government to hike their by what they say a laughable margin.

Meanwhile, the Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe has accused some unions of working by night with government against fellow educators.

“We note attempts to deflate the Trs struggle by yellow Unions who are having clandestine meetings with the anti worker employer.

“Such meetings have produced a laughable increment,” says ARTUZ.

The rural teachers body says teachers remain incapacitated until USD 540 is restored. “We reject the Tomfoolery,” adds ARTUZ.

In the same light, Norton Independent Member of Parliament Temba Mliswa has lambasted the government for waiting for problems to get out of hand and then propose a solution.

“Why has the Govt become such a reactionary entity?

“Teachers have been raising the salary issue for years and you wait for a strike to come up with a solution.

“That isn’t a good sign of leadership,” he says.