The Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union in Zimbabwe (ARTUZ) says its members have refused to be ‘hoodwinked’ by what it calls the government’s purported review of teachers salaries.

The rural teachers body says the purported review is deceptive as it adds nothing on the table in terms of improving their lives.

Teachers like any other civil servant have been receiving the Covid-19 US$75 dollars since June.

And ARTUZ says converting this allowance into RTGS/ bond is next to nothing as it does not change its purchase value.

In a press statement by the body’s communication department, ARTUZ said it remains steadfast on its demands that;

1. Teachers should receive the equivalent of their 2018 salaries i.e US$520 per month.

2. Govt should provide PPE for all teachers to protect against Covid infections.

3. Schools should be sanitised and fumigated regularly.

4. Schools should be equipped with adequate learning materials to deliver meaningful education to pupils.

“This is not asking too much from our employer.

“It is evident that the Consumer Council of Zimbabwe this week said a family of six now need RTGS20 000 per month to be above the poverty datum line.

“Any analysis of the the variance between PDL as announced by CCZ and the supposed new salary scale shows that teachers are receiving nearly RTGS8 000 short of the PDL,” said ARTUZ in the statement.