Teacher caught pants down, loses manhood in bloody fight


A teacher at Rio Tinto Secondary School, in Mubaira, Mhondoro, lost his private parts while fighting for a single mother. Shepherd Dzimbanhete (43),  who resides in Chief Mashayamombe’s area was involved in a nasty fight for a woman with one  Maxwell Chiweshe (36) from the same area.

The two men are all married.

Spokesman of the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) in Mashonaland West Province, Inspector Clemence Mabgweazara narrated the incident.

Said inspector Mabgweazara;

“We have a very sad story today,Monday, June 4; A Rio Tinto teacher identified as Shepherd Dzimbanhete lost his privates parts after he got bitten by Maxwell Chiweshe while they were fighting over  a woman.

” We are told this teacher went to his rural home with a girlfriend identified as Mercy leaving his wife at the school where he works.

“Another man Maxwell Chiweshe then visited the same woman but was told she had gone with the teacher to his village. He followed the two and found them naked having se_x inside Dzimbanhete’s bedroom.

A fight ensued between Chiweshe and his naked rival. Realising that he was not winning Dzimbanhete took a metal bar and struck Chiweshe on the head causing a serious injury. Chiweshe then went for the bulls’ eye, grabbing Dzimbanhete by his privates and then mauling them to pieces leaving him with almost nothing. He then fled from the scene and has not been caught yet,” he said.

The girlfriend was not injured.

“Their woman did not do anything to help. She just cried as the two exchange near fatal blows. Chiweshe was taken to Mubaira hospital and later transferred to Chegutu where he is receiving treatment,” said Ins Magbweazara.

Anyone with information about Chiweshe’s whereabouts can ring police at  (067) 25505 or 0712 520 412