A make-up artist whose clients include some of Harare’s rich and famous was arrested as a suspect by police after her husband was found dead at their rented Greendale home early on Saturday.

Tawanda Gregory Bobo, 41, was found hanged from a guava tree with two neckties at the Greengroove Drive house. Police believe the scene was staged after Bobo was found in a sitting position, with jeans he was wearing disposed in the dump 15 meters away.

Sources said police have now identified Bobo’s wife Deliwe Chipo Mutandiro, 30, as a suspect(pictured), and her sister Debra Fungai Mutandiro as an accessory to murder for allegedly assisting in the attempted cover-up.

Tawanda, Deliwe and Debra had attended a party in Borrowdale on Friday night and only returned home at around 2AM on Saturday, according to family sources.

A row ensued between Tawanda and Deliwe, she said after she refused to have sex with him because she was tired and had work the following day.

Reports of a fight were corroborated by the couple’s maid, Chipo Maguta, who revealed that at one point Deliwe “sought refuge” in her room and Tawanda followed her and their argument continued until Debra helped restrain him.

Murder suspect: Deliwe Chipo Mutandiro

Deliwe Chipo Mutandiro and late husband Tawanda Gregory Bobo





Guava Tree

Maguta said Deliwe left her room and she did not know where she slept, although sometime after 3AM she heard what she thought were footsteps in the passage and the two sisters apparently whispering to each other.

Deliwe and Chipo have told investigators they left for Goromonzi at around 5AM. Deliwe, who said she slept with their three children in another room, said she observed that her husband did not sleep in their bedroom and assumed he slept in the lounge.

It was not until 8AM that Maguta stumbled on Tawanda’s body. She called Deliwe and an ambulance was summoned but he was confirmed dead at the scene.

Police said they responded to reports of a suicide on Saturday morning. They have now opened a murder investigation.

Police Report

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