Tajamuka to strike again…this time more wisely!

Tajamuka is set to strike again but this time more wisely, the pressure group has warned President Emmerson Mnangagwa.


Fellow citizens!

We note with grave concern the skyrocketing of basic commodities, in particular bread. We are very concerned about this. It appears this is just the beginning of another tumble of the RTGS to the great detriment of us-the ordinary people. We cannot remain silent. We have to speak out against the increases of basic commodities which is not mirrored by any positive salary adjustments for those who still have a salary to talk about.

As we announced in our first press conference after the January protests a few days ago, we have begun rolling out another wave of peaceful and non-violent protests against the ill fated Mnangagwa government and it’s bad and anti-people policies.

We cannot ask Mnangagwa and his illegal government to reduce the price of bread as this is not the root cause of the problem but we ask Mnangagwa to reflect on the untold suffering and the abject poverty poverty he has put the nation through.

We are calling for all and sundry to join Tajamuka in condemning him and his government and to call upon them to effectively resolve the economic crisis within a reasonable space of time. Failure to do so will result in earth shattering demonstrations reminiscent of the ones we led in 2016 which led to the abdication of President Mugabe.

Algeria has done it.
Sudan has done it.
Zimbabwe has done it.
And will do it again, this time more wisely!

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