At just 25 years of age, and operating from a corner of a grocery shop in then steel producing Redcliff’s  Rutendo neighbourhood, Tafadzwa Zaburawa daringly calls himself ”the only ghetto yute holding the keys of Zimbabwe’s next big thing in the technological sector”.

And, so daring is the former Rutendo High School student that he has, literally, chosen to disregard the impeding surroundings of his native township to boldly declare that he foresees an epoch where the name Tafadzwa Zaburawa will not be omitted when luminaries such as Strive Masiyiwa (pictured above), Phillip Chiyangwa, Billy Rautenbach and controversial cleric Passion Java get mentioned.

Passion Java and Philip Chiyangwa

Yet, in his homeland, names that oft get mention in terms of wealthy personalities include, but are not limited to Peter Gore, Kandros Mugabe, Themba Musekiwa, Kenias Sibanda and Mark Burden amongst others.

“I know that these are just humble beginnings but from this limited space, where I am renting the corner of a grocery shop, I foresee a big technological concern that will get national, regional and global recognition. I am looking far beyond Kwekwe and its dormitory town of Redcliff,” he said.

And, in his pursuit to ensure that he leaves an indelible mark as an entrepreneur of repute who is counted when important names are listed, Zaburawa who is known in local circles as Taffy Zibs, has established his own Zibs Technology currently ‘headquartered’ at that corner inside Mhokore Shop.

That limited space has become one of the challenges Taffy Zibs has been facing since he can hardly accommodate the electrical gadgets such as laptops and PCs he has accumulated over the few years he has been in business.

“I said to myself from the get-go: why should I get employed by any living Zimbabwean who is also facing the same issues that I also face, economically? So, even during my school days, I used to tell my teachers that I did not want to get employed by anyone. Well, that sounded a bit funny to some of my tutors but I have managed to survive despite the current economic situation prevailing in the country,” said Taffy Zibs.

He added:

“I give credit to my brother Munyaradzi Zaburawa for playing an inspirational role in the establishment of Zibs Technology. When I started, I only had a single smartphone but he provided me with my first laptop which I have put to maximum use to procure a wider range of other laptops and PCs. He has been chipping in with support and I am really grateful for the support he has continued to give me”.

when blood is thicker than water… Munyaradzi Zaburawa (Far Right)

At the present moment, “Zimbabwe’s next big thing” is focusing on an array of activities that include mobile phone technologies, software development and printing services.

“Schools have been very helpful as they have been working with me in the printingof  literature and I have been getting the support of virtually every learning situation in Redcliff,” Zibs quipped.

“I know that the economic situation which our country has been facing over the past two decades has been very detrimental to business operations but I am quite confident that I will be able to withstand these hardships and be counted as a guru in terms of entrepreneurship. I have already employed some youths who have been earning a living through Zibs Technology “, he added.

Zibs said he is appealing to the local authority for Redcliff to provide him with space for the establishment of his pro-community project.

“I think it is about time that Redcliff Municipality gives preference to local youths who are doing something that is of significance to the society and uplift local investors. I have applied for a much bigger space to the local authority and my plea is that Zibs Technology- as a home grown entity gets a much bigger space at subsidised rentals”.