Following a police report filed by Australian-based Zimbabwean businesswoman Susan Mutami (33) on Monday against President Emmerson Mnangagwa, the International Criminal Police Organisation (Interpol), is set to investigate the Zanu PF leader’s allegations of rape.

The case was reported under case number 4026120.

This comes after Australia’s Queensdale Police, where Mutami reported her case, said it will take up her allegations to ‘international jurisdictions’.

In an interview, Matt Adams, who is the senior media and public affairs advisor (Queensland Police), said:

“For confidentiality and privacy reasons, we are unable to provide any information other than to advise Queensland Police will liaise with, and refer any inquiries to international jurisdictions.”

In its mandate brief, Interpol said:

“Sexual abuse and exploitation, trafficking, forced labour and abduction: these are just some of the dangers faced by children around the world today. At Interpol, we work to address those crimes that have an international dimension”.

Using her Twitter handle, Mutami last week alleged that Mnangagwa- then a cabinet minister- took her into his home in Kwekwe when her father died in 2005 and raped her.

She also told her followers about her sexual affairs with several Government officials who include the late Foreign Affairs Minister, Sibusiso Moyo.

According to her, Mnangagwa and Moyo were not in good books over the matter, a few years before the military coup that ousted late former President Robert Mugabe in November 2017.