Hunt for Greatness with Milton Kamwendo

Choose to be fully alive, even if you feel half-dead, and do not die while you are living.

Ask yourself life-inducing questions and not death-inviting ones. Examine your life and do not let darkness overwhelm you.

Embrace your purpose because this world needs it. Discover new growth opportunities, new shades of meaning and new possibilities.

Use your power of framing and you will have new fuel to keep moving.

There are times when life can be cold, with confusing dark clouds. I have been through this season — it passes. There are times when the future looks like a mass of confusing darkness and a burden to even think about.

It is in those times that your commitment to greatness, to reboot your life, and to keeping on matters the most. Commit to rediscover what matters most, revitalise your vision, reinvigorate your work, renew your energy and revive your spirit.

It is not what you have been through that matters the most but where you are going to.

Keep going, keep moving, keep holding on and do not look back or lose your focus. It is not the size of the obstacle that matters but the size of your commitment and determination.

Problems are neutral, its your personal power that gives them context and the size of bite. Do not despair — ever.

There is no benefit in giving up and no glory in letting yourself be a door mat.

Commit to greatness and doing all that it takes. Summon all your power and download your full spirit potential. Do not give up — No! No! No! Do not play victim dice. One step forward is all you need to keep taking.

Dark days do come, and eventually go, but what matters most is not the depth of the darkness but the strength of the light that flickers within you.

Overwhelm darkness with the light of revelation.

Let the light shine and let it keep shining. Stand up when you would have wanted to lie down.

Keep moving, even when the pace is slow. Keep your eyes wide open when others decide to close theirs.

Keep thinking when others prefer to imbibe the social hypnosis. See what others are not seeing and this will lead you to do what others are not doing.

Do not be tempted to believe that there is only one story and that story is one of death, despair and desperation.

Leap up and start running.

In 2011, Mr Steve Job of Apple Computer died and it was his wish to be buried in an unmarked grave.

He wanted to be celebrated for life and making a difference in life and not to have his tomb worshipped.

Do not live your life obsessed with dying but with living and making a difference.

At Steve Jobs private funeral service his wife, Laurene Powell gave a powerful insight into the way he thought and processed reality. Powell said of Jobs:

“It is hard enough to see what is already there, to remove the many impediments to a clear view of reality, but Steve’s gift was even greater: he saw clearly what was not there, what could be there, what had to be there. He imagined what reality lacked, and he set out to remedy it.”

See what is not there by stimulating your dream machine. Choose to dream again!

Have a determination to be an answer and not a question. To be a multiplier and not a divider.

To make your life a channel of translation thought into action, dreams into reality and vision into victories.

Drive through any obstacle, challenge the way you see reality, choose to get out of the box.

Memory of the future

Live with the future as a present reality because the future is already here if you are prepared for it. Do not live in the past or allow the past to hold you hostage.

Refuse to be stuck and leap forth into action. Everything in life is driven by vision. You do not have the luxury of being a vision-deficient leader.

Your eyes look but your mind sees. Eye sight allows you to see the state of affairs and the reality as is.

Power is in vision.

Vision allows you to see beyond the past and the present. It allows you to see the future as a picture of possibility.

Do not end at asking “Why”? Ask “Why-not”? Challenge your horizon, your limits and your narratives. Vision is the memory of the future. Build your future memory back intentionally. Do not let the failures of the past corrupt your memory of the future.

Do not let the uncertainties of the present tempt you to through away hope and lose your memory of the future.

The ability to envision possibilities of the future marks you out for leadership and greatness.

Your ability to see the unseen will cause you to be seen. When you look only to the past and the present you miss the future.

It is in your moments of despair that you must intentionally dream.

Dream what life can be and could be. Dream and commit to pursue the dream with all that you have.

Commit to living your vision and not your excuses. Commit to living life at the highest level possible.

Memory of failure

Greatness is built on three key touchstones: frames, models and platforms. The future should never be shaped by the hurts of the past but the hope of the future.

Between the hurt and the hope sits a frame. How you frame an event or experience determines what it means to you.

Look at any failures of the past and choose the proper frame to use in looking at those experiences.

Choose to live your dreams instead of relieving your painful memories.

Failure does not mean that your life is finished.

Do not stop dreaming because the last dream you had was a nightmare. The obstacle that you have is not a stop sign but a mere guide post.

Choose to resurrect where the failure of the past threatened to kill and bury you.

Do not put a tombstone on your failure, just roll away the stone. Rub out of your memory that you ever attempted and failed. Attack life with a fresh zeal, clear mind and keen energy.

Failure does not mean that you should give up. Do not give up early and do not take failure personally. Failure is an event and never a person.

Failure is just that little seasoning that gives greatness flavour and testimonies meaning.

Do not keep up on life and do not give up on yourself. Shelve every idea and suggestion that you are hopeless because you are not.

Look into the darkness and choose to shine the light. Look at the things dragging you back and challenge them.

Drive into the future with determination. Live with hope and do not despair.

You are born for greatness and for such a time as this. Your dream matters.

Your vision is the fuel of progress that we are waiting for. Choose to be fully alive and to express life everywhere you go.

Committed to your greatness.

Milton Kamwendo is a leading international transformational and motivational speaker, author, and workshop facilitator. He is a cutting-edge strategy, team-building and organisation development facilitator and consultant.

His life purpose is to inspire and promote greatness. He can be reached at: [email protected] and his website is: