Since the onset of the COVID19-induced national lockdown two years ago, a cumulative figure of 1 613 796 people were arrested in Zimbabwe for violating regulations aimed at curbing the spread of the pandemic, the country’s policing authorities have said.

According to the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP), a total number of 1 646 people were arrested in connection with Covid-19 violations.

“The ZRP reports that on 27/03/22, 1 646 people were arrested for violating COVID-19 related offences”, said the police.

The cumulative number of arrests since 30/03/20, stands at 1 613 796.”

The ZRP also said with regards to the on-going operation codenamed ‘No To Machete Gangs’ that is aimed at bring to an end the violence perpetrated by machete-wielding assailants in mining areas across the country, 96 people were arrested yesterday.

“(This brings) the cumulative arrests to 13 752 since 01/01/22.”

“512 people were arrested on operation ‘No to Cross Border Crimes’. The cumulative number of arrests since 01/01/21, stands at 132 206.”

Meanwhile, said the ZRP, 203 arrests were made under the ongoing operation targeting unlicensed and unregistered motor vehicles, bringing the cumulative arrests to 45 101.