Goreraza…; When Mugabe dies..People will sing for joy and feast like Christmas had been missing for 50 years and it finally arrived….

If people celebrate Mr Mugabe’s small defeats like the airport fall and yesterday’s WHO embarrassment, how much will they celebrate the biggest of all his defeats which will be his death? Will the sound of mourning be heard or will it be drowned beneath an ocean of global celebration?

People hate him. People hate him so much. The comments online, ZBC, SABC, BBC and many others are sobering. If people, all colors, races and nationalities hated me that much, there would be no reason for me to live because it would mean I would not be human.

People long to see him fall in word and practice. People wish him ill and the worst. How then can you count yourself human when humanity rejects you?

Mr Mugabe has to fish for support which he usually gets from human scum. Humanity’s worst, those are them who support him and they are such a minority and so vile that no one concerns themselves with what they think.

The man will do just about anything for international acceptance and recognition. He goes to every and any gathering of leaders and leadership to say I am here, can you see me, please say I am great! But only scum like the North Korean regime responds.

The day he dies I will feel shame for him. For I know the world will not mourn him, even his local allies. They will desert his memory and detach themselves from him.

The day he dies will be like a burst sewer pipe which had stank for decades has been fixed and people can finally breathe. It will be like decades of night and the birth of dawn, a rising sun from the east. People will sing for joy and feast like Christmas had been missing for 50 years and it finally arrived.

His death will be made to be Christmas. People will exchange gifts, buy new clothes and look to a new year with great hope.
It will be as if the Son of Satan is no more.

This would not be had he not loved power as if it was air and water, his very life source.