Former Zimbabwe’s First Lady’s first husband Stanely Goreraza has thrown his weight behind MDC Alliance Presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa saying there was nothing ‘se_xist’ about him wagering his ‘so called’ 18 year old sister to president ED should he win the elections.

Chamisa drew ire from human rights groups, women’s rights groups and several politicians for his foot in mouth remarks.

However Goreraza, father to Russell said the issue was mere banter.

“I too have said exactly what was said by Nelson Chamisa, many times. We grew up with our mothers and fathers, Uncles and Aunts making the very same jokes,” he said on his Facebook Timeline.

He explained that this banter is also cultural. At the end of his post, he jokingly pledged his daughter.

Below is his post on the matter.

I too have said exactly what was said by Nelson Chamisa, many times. We grew up with our mothers and fathers, Uncles and Aunts making the very same jokes

Tine chiramu pachivanhu. Tinoti minin’ina wemukadzi mukadzi wako. Mwanasikana watsano mukadzi wako. Tinoti mwanasikana we anzvadzi mudzimai kunyangwe kari kacheche. Ini ndinoti atezvara kune mwanakomana wangu, my son is my father in law and I will marry his daughter.

My brothers son is not my nephew but my son. My brothers daughter is not my niece but my daughter.

That is who we are. We have been making these jokes for thousands of years. Vamwe vedu tobva tada kutorera chirungu pamsoro. Isu vamwe hatisi varungu.

Jokingly, my sister offers me her daughters to marry if I respect her by kuvawombera saambuya. She will ask me how much I’m offering her for her daughters, how many Cows will I give her as part of Lobola. My sisters daughter will tell me she doesn’t love me anymore and is divorcing me because I haven’t been in contact with her for too long.

This is who we are and how we have been for thousands of years. It is all done with much love and respect and solidifies family bonds. White people have their own culture and we have ours.

Nelson Chamisa was simply being Zimbabwean and doing what we have been doing for thousands of years. Mnangagwa anobva atoti vatezvare kuna Chamisa, otowombera. Nelson Chamisa’s sister can visit Mnangagwas wife and tells her I have come to take my husband, meaning Mnangagwa. Auxillia Mnangagwa will respond by saying “manje nhasi panorwiwa pano amainini” as she pours Nelson’s sister some tea and they spend the whole day together, laughing.

That is how our ancestors strengthened family bonds and built husahwira which turned into family.

Vamwe vanobva vano dzidza ku varungu vobva vava varungu kupfuura varungu vacho.

There is so much about us and our culture that white people will never understand. Things like roora, ngozi, kurova guva and many other things.

In Zimbabwe, a man cannot pay lobola for another man. But in Australia a man can get on his knees and ask another man to marry him. We find the practice abominable, it has never been part of who we are.

We should not be made to change who we are to become who we are not. Yes, there are wrong things like giving away a girl child to pay off ngozi, but that is easily sorted out by paying cattle instead of an innocent girl.

Don’t be made to hate who you are and where you came from.

Va Chamisa, ini ndichakupaiwo mwana wangu musikana kana mukawhina monyatsondi wombera zvakanaka, ende ndenge ndakuda mombe.