Stanley Goreraza| As elections inch closer and closer, the opposition is still not visible or audible. I’m actually shocked to read Nelson Chamisa is warming up in a corner, getting ready to exchange blows with Facebook firespitter Allan Wenyika in a court of law. If he has time for that kind of nonsense then he has so much time to kill and money to burn.

Look at the state of Zimbabwe, beckoning elections, and Mdc leaders are busy taking Facebook posts to court!! What does that say about our priorities? If we all decided to sue over social media posts then there would probably be a million court cases per day in Zimbabwe, criminal cases would be tried long after suspects are dead from old age.

The opposition is treating elections like a game. Some of them don’t care what happens because they are assured of parliamentary seats, so they are sorted.

Mnangagwa and Moyo are taking each other to court because they have the time and the idiocy but does the opposition have the same?

What are they doing to register people? What are they doing to challenge Zanupf in rural areas? What are they doing to avoid rigging? What are they doing to get the youth vote? What are they doing to counter every Zanupf play?

Are they campaigning on Facebook, Twitter and others. They think they have time.