Learn about the sports betting industry in Zimbabwe and what sports to bet on. More importantly, find the best sportsbook in the country to get started.

Sports Betting in Zimbabwe

Online sports betting is a big or at least important industry in most regions of the world, and Zimbabwe is no different.

The industry may be pretty new in the country, but it’s already gripping the minds and pockets of many Zimbabweans. As a result, you can already find many sports betting sites that cater to the residents of Zimbabwe and offer various popular sports and compelling betting odds.

Due to low internet speeds, poor internet penetration levels, and generally unfavorable legal conditions, Zimbabwe hasn’t been a large betting market for a long time. However, with the many changes within and near the country, it’s quickly becoming a growth market for the betting industry and a country with an ever-increasing number of sports bettors and betting fans.

The African country hasn’t yet started to offer gambling licenses to online operators, but there are still many offshore bookmakers that Zimbabweans can join. But before we tell you more about them and how to start betting on sports in the country, let’s take a look at the popular sports you’ll want to consider betting on.

Most Popular Sport in Zimbabwe

Even though sports betting in Zimbabwe is only now growing to significant heights, sport has always been a big part of the national identity. Many sports have a long tradition in the country, and many athletes from Zimbabwe have gained prominence in and outside of their homeland.

The most popular sports in Zimbabwe are football, rugby union, tennis, netball, cricket, golf, and field hockey. However, the most popular of these is undoubtedly football. When we consider the sheer number of followers and participators, it’s the biggest sport in Zimbabwe.

The national football team, the Warriors, have managed to qualify for the African Cup of Nations five times but haven’t gone past the group stage. The team also appeared five times in the African Nations Championship, with their best result being fourth place in 2014.

As for the FIFA World Cup, Zimbabwe has never managed to get past the qualifications stage, at least for now.

However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t enough quality football inside the country. The Zimbabwe Premier Soccer League is the top division in the country, and with its 16 teams, it’s a favorite of many betting shops and its patrons.

What Sport Is Zimbabwe Good at?

Zimbabwe is fairly good at several of the sports that are popular in the nation, football and field hockey are played by everyone.

The sport of polocrosse has also been played in Zimbabwe since the late 1940s, and the national team even won the World Championship in 1997.

Besides that, Zimbabweans have made some achievements in other team sports. In field hockey, the women’s team even won a gold Olympic medal in 1980. The cricket team also deserves mention, and even though it doesn’t have any significant achievements under its belt, it has had test status since 1992.

However, as is usually the case with countries like Zimbabwe, many athletes have garnered fame outside of the country, with a significant portion of them moving on to play in other nations due to better opportunities.

Some of the more notable names are Nick Price, Mark McNulty, Brendon de Jonge in golf, Kristy Coventry in swimming, Benjamin Benjani Mwaruwari, a famous retired footballer, and many others.

Despite the hardships the nation continues to endure politically and economically, Zimbabweans have still made significant achievements on the international scene. Most notably, Zimbabweans have won as many as eight Olympic medals, three of which are gold.

Bookmakers in Zimbabwe

The country doesn’t have any specific gambling or betting laws, so many consider sports betting in Zimbabwe fully legal. However, as it’s not regulated, players can only use online betting sites from foreign operators.

Thankfully, several notable betting operators cater to the Zimbabwean market. They also offer plenty of exciting betting opportunities and bonuses for Zimbabweans, including free bets, deposit bonuses, and other promotions.

Naturally, you shouldn’t just join any of the available betting sites in Zimbabwe – you have to choose the best ones that offer the highest-quality service in the country. You don’t have to search for these sites on your own, though; you can simply refer to the online sports betting reviews of top-rated bookmakers on Takebet Zimbabwe.

Takebet features several betting sites that offer top services for Zimbabwean bettors. You can create a betting account on any of these, including notable platforms like Nairabet, Sportsbet, Betika, Hollywoodbets, and Merrybet.

They all offer plenty of betting services and opportunities for a wide range of players, exciting bonuses, popular payment options, and so much more.

How to Bet Online in Zimbabwe

To start betting in Zimbabwe, you only have to spend 10 or 15 minutes following this simple step-by-step process:

  1. Visit Takebet Takebet.co.zw – Refer to our list of the best sports betting companies in the country and choose one site.
  2. Create an account at a sports betting site – Once you’ve chosen a site, just click the link and create an account on the official website.
  3. Claim the welcome bonus – If the bonus is available and you like it, make sure to claim it as it will help you get started with more betting funds.
  4. Deposit funds – Visit the Deposit and Withdraw section of the site and use the payment method you want to make a deposit.
  5. Start betting – Once the money has reached your account, you can start placing bets. Just create your first betting slip with a wager or wagers you want and hope for the best.