Applying for a scholarship? The essay required for the scholarship is your chance to prove why you deserve to win. And, you can’t afford to lose this chance. So, make sure the scholarship essay is persuasive and convincing. Keep in mind; the committee receives hundreds of essays. Therefore, writing an essay that stands out is essential. But how to do that? Read on to find out!

Practical Tips to Follow

Wondering how to write a scholarship essay that stands out from the rest? While this should be your top concern, it is not that difficult to write an essay they are looking for. With a few tips and tricks in mind, it is easy to increase your chances of getting the scholarship.

Start Preparing as Early as Possible

Writing a scholarship essay at the 11th hour is not a good idea. If you don’t want your essay’s quality to suffer, plan far in advance. Create a calendar or timetable with scholarship requirements and deadlines. Once you are done doing that, make an action plan; daily actions to achieve your scholarship goal. These actions may include reading a wide range of content. This will improve your vocabulary and knowledge of essay writing. Also, ensure you have enough time to brainstorm your ideas for the essay and also for proofreading. Proofreading your essay will ensure your writing is free from spelling and grammar mistakes. This is an important step because even the tiniest errors can distract readers. And, you may lose the opportunity of getting that scholarship because of errors that could have been easily rectified. So, make sure you have enough time to proof-edit your piece.


Become an Ideal Candidate

Firstly, try to find out what the scholarship committee is looking for in the candidates. Once you know that, it is easier to spin your strengths and become an ideal candidate for them.

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Read the Instructions Carefully

Sounds cliché? But many students make mistakes before they even start – they don’t read the submission guidelines properly. Hence, make sure you are following the right scholarship essay format and complying well with the instructions. So, read them and then reread them just to make sure you have understood what they are expecting from you. Remember, you have to become an ideal candidate?

Pick a Topic that Interests You the Most

The topic of the essay plays a crucial role in making your essay enjoyable. If it’s something you are passionate about, your personality is most likely to shine through your pen craft.

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Consider Using Your Essay for Multiple Scholarships

Many college scholarship essays use the same prompt. Some scholarships let you choose your own topic as well. This means you can reuse the same essay for various other scholarships.

Some scholarships ask questions or use prompts that can be answered in the same way. All you need to do is slightly tweak your existing essay, instead of crafting a new one altogether.

Show, Don’t Tell

Using an anecdote or a personal experience in the essay is a great way to engross the reader. It makes your essay more interesting to read. So, don’t hesitate to use real-life examples. But, instead of telling them about an experience or a real-life story, show them. Do this with a creative writing style. Use words that help you demonstrate instead of just narrating. This will help you transform your writing from usual to unique.

Incorporate the Keywords from Your Scholarship Statement in the Essay

Using the keywords from your personal statement in your essay will depict your commitment and strengths towards responding to the prompt. Also, you can use your personal statement in the essay in a creative way that depicts how you actually act on the statement. Not sure how to write a personal statement in your application? Check some online personal statement samples.

Make Your Introduction Engaging

Struggling to begin your scholarship essay? Start it with a famous quote or a personal statement that is relevant to the topic. You may link this quote or statement to the body of your essay. This will show you have a wider aptitude for your topic. Moreso, an engaging introduction makes the reader curious to read the rest of the piece. It makes them want to dig more into your essay. If you succeed in doing so, the chances are that the scholarship committee would take the decision in your interest. And that’s exactly what you want, isn’t it?

Follow the Right Structure

Now that you almost know how to write an essay for a scholarship, it is crucial to understand that your essay should have a good structure.

A good structure will ensure your reader follows along with your write up with ease. Therefore, it is a good idea to create an essay outline before you start writing. To do so, brainstorm your ideas and organize your thoughts. Pen down some key points that you want to cover. Organize these points into introduction, body and conclusion. Most importantly, make sure your writing is cohesive – your ideas are in a logical order. Also, when discussing your ideas, take time to decide which information is the most relevant. Disregard the information or points that don’t seem relevant enough. Remember too many details about a particular point can muck up your essay. So, try to be precise and creative.

Write a Surprising Conclusion

Many students simply sum up the entire essay by paraphrasing the points in the body. However, you may choose to think out of the box. Writing an innovative conclusion will make your essay interesting from the start till end. Leaving your reader with a thought-provoking question, in the end, is also an exciting way to conclude your essay.

All in all, your essay should be a combination of creative writing, interesting examples, engaging content and the right format. It should give real value to the one reading and judging your essay. And don’t forget, there shouldn’t be any grammar or spelling mistake. Otherwise, this will leave a bad impression on the reviewer and could risk your chance of getting the scholarship. Following the tips mentioned above are sure to help you write a convincing essay.